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Sep 01, 2006
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Hasan Rahimpur-Azghadi of the Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution on Women, Sex, and Chauvinism in the West

#1279 | 04:03
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hasan Rahimpur-Azghadi, member of the Iranian Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution, which aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV on September 1, 2006.

Hasan Rahimpur-Azghadi: Woman's nakedness is chauvinism par excellence. Woman's veil is the struggle against extreme, anti-woman chauvinism. In fact, if anybody claims that the value of women is in their nudity, that veiled women are worthless, and that women must be naked in order to have any value – is this feminism, or is it, in fact, chauvinism?


When a woman takes her clothes off, she is saying: "Don't look at my personality, but at what you need and satisfies you." I ask: Is this what dishonors a woman, or is it the veil that covers her?


As I said, chauvinism materializes in unveiled societies. In an Islamic society... As far as we know and see around us, there is generally no chauvinism in Muslim families. Women are the ones who decide what goes on in the household. Some women achieve this through conflict and friction, while others achieve this through feminine language, but ultimately, they decide


In [Western] culture, the man gradually became superior. Women left their families in the name of freedom. They were placed in window displays, and instead of being human, they sold sex.


Throughout one's life, and even before sexual maturity, there is constant sexual satisfaction. This happens at home and even in elementary schools. In some countries, there is sex education for boys and girls in elementary school. For example, they are taught how to avoid AIDS, if they have sex. In a society in which having sex is like drinking or eating, and sexual needs are constantly being satisfied, with no moral or legal constraints, it is only natural that there will be less accumulation of sexual desires. There is no accumulation at all. They are constantly busy releasing their sexual pressures.


Sexual desire is not something about which you can say: "Give it a year or two, it will subside of its own accord and calm down." This is a very strong force which is within people until they die – especially in men, who apparently never go on sexual retirement.


There are also tensions and concerns, stemming from people's commitments to one another. In Western society, the father and mother, and the wife and husband... I myself saw a husband and wife go to a restaurant. They had dinner, and each paid separately for their food. Each one took out his wallet and paid only for what he ate. When there is so little commitment in emotional relations... , Can you possibly imagine such a thing in our society and our families? If it does happen in some families, it is because Western culture is taking over them. This has nothing to do with Islam.


In Western society, women constantly have to deal with things such as: "I must stay thin, make myself pretty, put on make-up, do this and that with my eyebrows, have lip enhancement, have this or that operation, have a face-lift, do this or that with my eyes, in order to remain attractive to men." That poor woman knows that if she does not remain the same, and does not have several nose jobs... Unfortunately, this has reached our culture too. Noses are being operated on, one after the other. Once they showed on TV a woman who had no nose left. I'm serious. She filed a complaint against her doctor. I don't know if you watched this. She complained about her doctor that he cut her nose so much that nothing was left. She thought all her problems were in her nose. What, all those who get married around the world have no noses?

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