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Oct 17, 2023
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Hanaa Mahamed, Reporter For Iran-Aligned Lebanese Mayadeen TV On The Now-Debunked 'Israeli Massacre In Gaza Hospital': If The Israelis Claim The Hamas Attack On Gaza Envelope Was A Nazi Crime And A Holocaust, What Would They Call This?

#10543 | 02:18
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Hanaa Mahamed, a reporter for the Iran-aligned Lebanese Mayadeen TV, complained that the Israeli media is "parroting" the IDF spokesman's narrative on the blast at the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza. Speaking on October 17, 2023, she said that if the Israelis claim that the October 7 Hamas attack was a "holocaust" and a "Nazi crime," the Gaza hospital blast was a "genocide." Mahamed further said that she doubted whether Palestinian resistance factions have rockets powerful enough to cause such damage. Hanaa Mahamed, an Israeli citizen, was reporting from "southern occupied Israel." According to the IDF spokesman, the October 17 blast at the parking lot of the Al-Ahli hospital was caused by a rocket misfire, likely by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which had been launched from a cemetery near the hospital.

Presenter: "We all share these feelings, Hanaa. You are from there. We are all Palestinians. Go ahead, Hanaa."

Mahamed: "The truth is that I have nothing to say, Ramia. These are scenes of a real genocide. The Israeli occupation has adopted a clear approach in its propaganda toward the West, claiming that what happened in the Gaza Envelope settlements was a holocaust, and constituted Nazi crimes perpetrated against them.

"The question is: what would you call this? What's even worse is that the Israeli media outlets are parroting the narrative presented by the Israeli occupation army' spokesperson, because they are mouthpieces in the service of the Israeli occupation. This is really what is going on.

"The Israeli narrative is that they are looking into the possibility that it was rockets from Gaza that misfired, and led to this horrific massacre. The question is whether the Palestinian resistance factions really have rockets with such destructive power.

"Until yesterday, according to European reports, what equals one-quarter of a nuclear bomb was dropped on Gaza in 10 days. Such tremendous destruction, so many victims and martyrs, could not have been caused by anything but a deliberate Israeli air raid. There can be no other explanation apart from the reality on the ground, in the new horrific massacre in this war of genocide against the Palestinians."

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