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Dec 08, 2021
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Palestinians Outraged by Jordanian Film Portraying Foul Play in Prisoners’ Sperm Smuggling Operations; Expert on Hamas TV: The Sperm Goes Straight from The Prisoner’s Heart to the Heart of His Family, There Is No Middleman Who Might Tamper with It

#9241 | 03:29
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

On December 8, 2021, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas – Gaza) aired a TV show that discussed Amira, a recently released Jordanian fictional movie about Palestinian prisoners smuggling sperm out of Israeli jails. The film is about a Palestinian girl who believed her father was a Palestinian prisoner who smuggled his sperm out of the jail, but her father turns out to actually be a "Zionist" officer who exchanged the prisoner's sperm for his own. The show's host said that the film serves the interests of the Israeli occupation and distorts the image of the "struggling Palestinian prisoners." Sa'id Bisharat, a guest on the show who had himself been a prisoner and who has seen how sperm is smuggled out of Israeli prisons, said that the producer of the film was looking for a joke and that his "evil" led him to creating this plot. Bisharat said that the film does not reflect reality and that the swapping of sperm samples as depicted in the movie would not be possible in real life. He added: "[The sperm] comes straight from the prisoner's heart to the heart of his family."

Host: "The producers of this offensive film have helped the occupation for free, by bolstering its narrative, and distorting the image of Palestinian prisoners and their families. Instead of highlighting the prisoners' sacrifices and record, they offended the 'ambassadors of freedom' [test-tube babies of Palestinian prisoners], born through the smuggling of Palestinian sperm from the jails of the occupation, Amira – this distorted film – was produced with the goal of winning and Oscar in the International Feature Film category for 2022. The film deals with the subject of the 'ambassadors of freedom' in a vulgar and reprehensible style. At the end of the film, it turns out that the smuggled sperm belonged to a Zionist officer. This promoted the occupation's narrative and filthy imagination, by distorting the image of the struggling Palestinian prisoners in the eyes of the world."


Journalist: "Joining me in the studio is the released prisoner Sa'id Bisharat, who witnessed the first case of sperm smuggling from the occupation's prison."

Sa'id Bisharat: "The writers or producers of this film needed a plot, but they twisted the plot against the Palestinians, and not against the occupation.


"[The producer of the film] was looking for a joke, and Satan led him to create the plot in which the smuggled sperm ends up – and this cannot happen in reality – in the hands of a police officer, and the police officer uses it..."

Journalist: "You mean he swaps it."

Sa'id Bisharat: "Yes, and he gives some of it to the family of the prisoner. This is a very serious matter, and it should be confronted at the highest levels."

Journalist: "You said that this is impossible. Let's discuss this. Why is this an imaginary scenario that cannot happen? "

Sa'id Bisharat: "This issue was discussed and studied in the prisons. Smuggling sperm is not something that just happens overnight. The issue has been discussed for many years by the top leaders of the prisoners, as well as by Islamic scholars, and there was correspondence with sheikhs and doctors. The issue was studied from the aspect of security – what happens if the [smuggled] sperm is intercepted, and other such matters. All these matters were studied, and the final result – on the basis of which smuggling sperm [out of prisons] was conducted – was that there was no room for any mistake because this concerns the bloodline of the prisoner. What guarantees [that there are no mistakes]? It is the way that the sperm is smuggled out and what happens with it afterwards. It is done directly between the prisoner and his family. There is no middleman who can tamper with it. The police officer cannot gain access to it, because this is forbidden. The [Israeli] Prison Service does not allow that. It comes straight from the prisoner's heart to the heart of his family."

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