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May 02, 2008
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Hamas TV Puppets Kuku and Fufu Vow to Return to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Acre, Jaffa, and Other Cities in Israel

#1759 | 02:57
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following are excerpts from a Hamas TV show featuring two puppets, Kuku and Fufu. The show aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 2, 2008.

Kuku: We will persevere, Allah willing, and we will return to our land, Allah willing. We will return to Jaffa, Acre, Lydda, Ramle, and Ashdod. We will return to all these cities, Allah willing.

Fufu: Kuku, where are you from?

Kuku: I am from Tel Rabi'a, which they have named Tel Aviv. Allah is our support. I say that we must return to our homes, and to our lands, God willing.


Fufu: What's now, Kuku? Are we done for? Will we never return to our cities, Kuku?

Kuku: What are you saying, Fufu? We must never say such things. We must return to our land, Allah willing. We will return to Jaffa, Tel Al-Rabi', Lydda, and Ramle. All those who emigrated to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, and America will come to their country with their heads held high.


These years have made it clear to us that we must return to our lands, Allah willing, and that we must defeat the enemies of Allah.

Fufu: What are you saying, Kuku? We will return to our land?

Kuku: Of course, Fufu.

Fufu: Will we go to Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, and Tiberias as well, Kuku?

Kuku: We will return to Jaffa, Acre, and Tiberias, Fufu. We will go there and play in the sand. We will play with everything. Once again we will harvest, build, and everything.

Fufu: Will we also eat the fruit of the trees in our orchards, Kuku?

Kuku: Yes, yes. By now, the trees have grown, but alas, the Zionists have built settlements on some of the lands.

Fufu: Don't worry, Kuku. Allah willing, we will sow the lands once again with our own hands. But Kuku, you haven't told me yet when we will return to our land.

Kuku: We will return to our land when we unite, when we adhere to our faith and to the Koran.


Fufu: Okay, Kuku. Put your hand in mine, so we can unite and return victoriously to our country tomorrow, Allah willing - to Haifa, Jaffa, and Acre. My hand is now in yours, Kuku. Let's unite, and return to our country tomorrow as victors.

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