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Mar 05, 2018
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Hamas TV Posts Anti-Facebook Video on Twitter and Telegram in its Campaign to Protest "Violations against Palestinian Content"

#6466 | 01:16
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Aqsa TV on Twitter and Telegram"

In the framework of its campaign against Facebook, Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV published a promo on Twitter and Telegram to protest what it said were the social media networking company's "violations against Palestinian content," including removal of inciting web pages and accounts. According to the promo, Palestinian activists launched an electronic campaign under the hashtag FBfightsPalestine. "When will Facebook stop its violations against Palestinian content?" it asked in the promo, which appeared on March 5.


Following is a transcript:

Caption: Facebook is escalating its violations against Palestinian activists and web pages, under the pretext that they support the resistance. The Al-Aqsa TV Facebook page was taken down for the ninth time. There were over 100 violations by Facebook in February: removal of 48 pages and personal accounts, in addition to 52 bans and removal of posts. Facebook officially admitted that it agreed to 90% of the requests by the occupation government in 2017 to remove Palestinian accounts or content. Zionist pages post an inciting post every 47 seconds, according to local studies.

Palestinian activists have launched an electronic campaign under the hashtag FBfightsPalestine, to protest the prohibitions and removals. It has achieved an engagement rate of 51 million, and it reaches 10 million. When will Facebook stop its violations against Palestinian content?

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