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Sep 14, 2016
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Hamas TV Host Sheikh Wael Al-Zarad: Israel, the Jews Live on Blood and the Sight of Body Parts

#5719 | 03:47
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Speaking on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV on September 15, Palestinian cleric Wael Al-Zarad said that it was their destiny to "chop off the hand of the occupation," describing it as a "small and vile gang" of Jews, who "came to our country like a cancer" and who "spread corruption throughout the land." Al-Zarad continued: "The entire world knows no peace from the filth of these people who live on blood... and the sight of body parts... to sell weapons worldwide, and to incite civil strife in different countries."


Sheikh Wael Al-Zarad: "Day in and day out, the world in general and our nation in particular is further exposed to the face of this small and ugly gang - the face of those Jews. Every day, their pitch-black, evil, and oppressive [nature] becomes more evident. They are the ones who violate women's honor and spill blood. They are the ones who stole and plundered our resources. They occupied the land of Islam and the Muslims almost 70 years ago, and it remains occupied to this day. They are the ones who gathered from all over the world, after having been dispersed, as Allah said: 'We divided them into nations throughout the earth.'



"After having been dispersed worldwide, they came in droves from all over to our land, the land of the Arabs and the Muslims, and occupied it at a moment of negligence on the part of the Arabs and the Muslims. Since time immemorial, the Muslims have been preoccupied with their daily lives, and we Palestinians have been left to confront these people, to confront this spreading evil. We have been left to face them bare-chested, after having been stripped of all our weapons, after having been disarmed of the weapons of bravery and resistance.



"After the Caliphate fell, and the lands of the Levant fell into the hands of the British, after everyone - from near and afar - conspired against Palestine, the Jews were allowed, after receiving the promise [of the Balfour Declaration], to build a state for themselves on our land. Since then, the Jews have continued to grab not only our land, but lands of the Arabs and the Muslims. They bring calamities and disasters upon all countries. They are the ones who sow strife all over, and who cause problems in the lands of the Arabs and the Muslims. They are the ones who spread corruption throughout the land."






"It is our destiny to chop off the hand of the occupation - not only in Palestine, but in all the Arab and Islamic lands. These occupiers, who came to our country, are like a cancer. They spread evil and malignant fingers in all countries. If Allah so wills it, we shall fight them upon our land, in the name of the nation. Their hands will be chopped off in the Arab countries. By God, the entire world knows no peace from the filth of these people who live only on blood, from the filth of those who live only for the sight of body parts, from the filth of those who live only to incite rebellion and to sow strife, who live only to sell weapons worldwide and to incite civil strife in different countries, who live only to plunder the resources of the nations, and to steal the property of countries and of people. Their day will come, and indeed, it is drawing close, Allah willing."


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