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Aug 24, 2010
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Hamas TV Cartoon Depicts Koran-Based Story of Jews Being Transformed into Apes

#2599 | 04:05
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following are excerpts from a Hamas TV cartoon depicting the Koran-based story of Jews being transformed into apes. The cartoon aired on Al-Aqsa TV on August 25, 2010.

Grandfather: Let's finish the story, Majed, and see what scheme the corrupt [Jews] devised.


Jewish fisherman: You have made us lose an opportunity to make a profit and become rich. How could you agree to refrain from fishing on the Sabbath? Can't you see how much money we made by fishing on the Sabbath in this month alone?

2nd Jewish fisherman: Who told you that I agreed to the demand [of the village elders]?

1st Jewish fisherman: I just heard you promise them that you would not fish on the Sabbath. Everybody witnessed this.

2nd Jewish fisherman: I will fish on the Sabbath without anybody seeing me.

1st Jewish fisherman: How? The bay area is in full view of everybody. Are you making fun of me? Do you think I'm stupid?

2nd Jewish fisherman: No, I will use my brain, in order to fish on the Sabbath without actually fishing on the Sabbath.


Listen to my plan and carry it out to a tee. I will devise a scheme to bypass the prohibition of fishing on the Sabbath.


Before the Sabbath, we will cast nets and place barriers at the end of the canals [that we built] by the sea. On the Sabbath eve, when the fish try to swim out to sea via the small canals, they will be unable to do so, because our nets will lie in wait for them. But we will not be fishing on the Sabbath. Instead, we will wait until Sunday morning to gather the fish from the nets, and then we will sell them for a profit. That way we will be doing the Sabbath fishing on Sunday.

1st Jewish fisherman: Great.

2nd Jewish fisherman: Nobody will be able to see us fishing on the Sabbath.

1st Jewish fisherman: It's a devilish idea, for which you should be praised. Thank you.


Grandfather: One night, when the corrupt people continued to violate the prohibition, insisting upon fishing on the Sabbath, something terrible happened.

Majed: What was it, Grandfather?

Grandfather: God inflicted His punishment upon the corrupt villagers, and the sinning half of the villager were transformed into apes. God inflicted His punishment upon them.


Thus, God transformed these sinners into apes. They remained in this form for several days, and served as a lesson to those willing to learn.


Majed, what have you learned from the story of the people of the Sabbath?

Majed: Grandfather, I learnt that we have to obey God, and not rebel against His commandments, because obedience to God is the path to success and redemption, while rebellion against His commandments is the path to annihilation and perdition. I also learnt that we have to command good and direct people to do good. I also learnt that one's individual liberties do not entail the violation of the rights of others.


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