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Aug 23, 2007
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Hamas-Style Lion King Vanquishes Fatah Rats in an Al-Aqsa TV Animated Film

#1540 | 05:25
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following is a clip produced by the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV, styled after the Lion King, in which Fatah members are depicted as rats, while Hamas is portrayed as a lion.

Caption: "A message to the criminal gangs in the occupied West Bank"

Voice of Muhammad Dahlan: "Snipers or no snipers – move back, and let Hamas shoot me."

"Charge, with the blessing of Allah."

Rat sprays graffiti on wall: The guard of buffoons was here."

Caption: "If you repeat [the crime], we shall repeat [the punishment]" [Koran 17:8]

Caption: Produced by the animated films division, Al-Aqsa TV.

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