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Jun 14, 2024
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Hamas Representative In Lebanon Ahmad Abd Al-Hadi: If We Could Go Back In Time, We Would Carry Out October 7 All Over Again; The U.S. Was Planning To Assimilate Israel Into The Region

#11184 | 01:29
Source: Online Platforms - "Annahar Newspaper (Lebanon) on YouTube"

Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abd Al-Hadi said that if Hamas could go back in time, it would still carry out the October 7 attack on Israel, because it would still be justified. He spoke in an interview with Annahar Newspaper (Lebanon), which was uploaded to its YouTube channel on June 14, 2024.

Interviewer: "If we could go back in time to October 7... "

Ahmad Abd Al-Hadi: "We would do it again!"

Interviewer: "You would do it again... That was the question I was about to ask."

Al-Hadi: "I know this is the question, because this is a central question. Why am I saying that we would do it again? Because what made us do it is very important and strategic. It is not something that we could remain silent about. We have said this time and again. The Palestinian cause was about to be eliminated. In line with the American enterprise in the region, the occupation was being assimilated into the region. By means of normalization of relations, at the expense of Palestinian rights.

"That's not all. They saw the resistance in Gaza, and according to our information, they planned to launch a preemptive strike against it, so that it would not interfere with these plans of theirs, and in particular the plans that are connected to Gaza: the Ben Gurion canal project, the Haifa port north of Gaza, through which the India corridor is meant to pass... Could the India corridor pass through Haifa port while Hamas is in Gaza? The Ben Gurion canal was meant to pass through the middle of Gaza. And Eilat... the NEOM project is just south of Palestine, in Saudi Arabia...

"So something was about to happen, and we wanted to turn the tables on them, in order to say to them: Palestine is here to stay. So if we could go back in time, we would do it again, because the justifications still exist."

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