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Apr 01, 2022
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Hamas TV Airs Reenactment Of A 2002 Terrorist Attack That Left Nine Israelis Dead, Depicts Israelis Crying For Their "Mommy" During The Attack

#9481 | 05:37
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

On April 1, 2022, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) aired a video reenactment of a July 2002 terrorist attack near the Israeli settlement of Immanuel in the West Bank in which Hamas terrorists disguised themselves as Israeli soldiers, immobilized a civilian bus with roadside bombs, and opened fire on the passengers and rescue workers using rifles. Nine Israelis, including a nine-month-old-baby, and a premature baby delivered after the attack, were killed, and 16 others were injured.

In the video, a yarmulke-wearing bus driver tells the passengers that they should not be worried about a repeat of the 2001 Immanuel bus attack, in which 10 Israelis were killed by Palestinian terrorists, because this bus is armored. The video then shows Israelis soldiers saying over the radio that the bus is being attacked and that explosions and "crazy shooting" can be heard. The video cuts to Israeli soldiers on the bus taking cover and crying for their "mommy" as grenades are thrown into the bus. Later in the reenactment, the bus driver tells his passengers "I told you, trust the army" before being shot in the head by the attackers, who then proceed to shoot at the passengers through the bus's air vents. In addition, the video features a description of the attack by "Abu Ahmad," a Hamas logistical support officer.

Passenger: "Excuse me, is there another entrance to Immanuel?"

Driver: "Aren't you bored of asking the same question every time? Guys, good soldiers, listen, you don't have to worry, what happened in Immanuel once [in 2001], can't happen again. Today, we have armored buses, so don't let your memories take over your mind, I hope [this will be] a good trip. Thank you very much. Go take your seat."

Israeli Comms Operator: "We cannot see anything. The bus went out of sight. We are hearing explosions and crazy shooting."

Passengers: "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"

Hamas Terrorist: "Allah Akbar!"

Abu Ahmad: "The mujahideen 'Asem 'Asideh and Sami Al-Zaidan emptied more than 10 magazines, and threw 4 hand grenades into the bus through the ventilation windows, but none of the grenades exploded. It turned out that the bus was bulletproof.

"The commander [of the attackers] Nasr Al-Din 'Asideh, who monitored the attack from one of the [nearby] hills, understood that there was a problem. He tried to make contact with the mujahideen and tell them to retreat, but at this point, there was a surprise."

Bus Driver: "I told you, trust the army."

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