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Dec 15, 2010
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Hamas PM Ismail Haniya: The Occupation Has No Future on the Land of Palestine - from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River

#2729 | 01:51
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, in a rally marking the 25th anniversary of Hamas, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV, December 15, 2010:

Ismail Haniya: Let me reassure you, brothers and sisters, that the occupation has no future on the land of Palestine. When I say "the land of Palestine," I am not referring [only] to the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem. When I say that the occupation has no future on the land of Palestine, I refer to Palestine from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, and from Rosh Hanikra to Rafah.

The occupation will not survive on this land. Never!


We see today that it is the enterprise of resistance in the region that defends the principles of the Islamic nation. In Iraq – which the American enemy thought it could swallow, before moving on to swallow other countries – the noble Iraqi resistance confronted the American occupation. From Gaza, we salute the Iraqi resistance. To this, one should add the resistance in Lebanon, in Palestine, and in Afghanistan.


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