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May 25, 2021
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Senior Hamas Official In The West Bank Sheikh Jamal Al-Tawil On Palestinian Authority TV: Palestine From The River To The Sea Is United Under The Banner Of Resistance And Intifada

#8897 | 01:55
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Senior Hamas official in the West Bank Sheikh Jamal Al-Tawil said that Palestine, from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea is "united under the banner of the resistance and the Intifada." He made his remarks in a public address delivered during a Fatah organized event in Ramallah in honor of the "martyrs" from Gaza and Jerusalem that aired on Palestine TV on May 25, 2021. Al-Tawil said that from Rosh HaNikra to Rafah, from the water of the river to the water of the sea, the Palestinians and martyrs have "redrawn the map of Palestine" and the blood of the Palestinians "has blended together once again." Al-Tawil was arrested by Israeli security forces on June 2.


Sheikh Jamal Al-Tawil: "Our brothers the murabiteen, who pray in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and its courtyards, you, and all the alleys in Jerusalem, now have a shield and a sword. The shield protects the nation of Islam, our honor and that of our women, and it protects our steadfastness. [And you now have] a sword that kills anyone who deludes himself and thinks that he can attack our free women and our holy places. Today is a great day for you, oh Palestine. All Palestinians can now raise their head high, because the resistance and the Intifada have restored their awe, honor, and prestige. Our Palestine is uniting under the banner of the resistance and the Intifada. From Rosh HaNikra to Rafah, and from the water [of the River] to the water [of the Sea], our blood has blended together once again, and we — and you, oh families of the martyrs — have redrawn the map of Palestine, from the water [of the River] to the water [of the Sea], from one end to the other."


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