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Apr 08, 2022
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Hamas Official Talal Nassar Praises Tel Aviv And Bnei Brak Terror Attacks, Adds: We Will Trample The Skulls Of The Zionists; Israel Will Be Annihilated, Palestine Will Be 'Either Ours Or Ours'

#9491 | 01:10
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Turkey-based Hamas official and political analyst Talal Nassar said in an April 8, 2022 show on the Turkey-based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Channel 9 TV that Israel will be annihilated and that the Palestinians will walk over the skulls of the Zionists and tread on the land of Palestine. Praising the "pure martyrs" and the perpetrators of the recent terror attacks in Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak, he said that Palestine belongs entirely to the Palestinians, and there is no possibility that it would belong to the Zionists. For more information about Talal Nassar, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 8689, 8819, 6678, and 6774.

Talal Nasser: "I believe that the occupation is heading towards annihilation, and on this platform, I swear by Allah, and let everybody remember this pledge: Those of us who will still be alive will tread with their pure feet... After we trample with our feet all over the skulls of the Zionists, we will tread on the land of Haifa, Jaffa, Tiberias, Jerusalem, and all of the West Bank and our dear [Gaza] Strip. There is no difference between the [borders of] 1967 and 1948. This lie, which fooled some defeatists in this nation, will not fool the people of this nation. Palestine is one bloc. It is either ours or ours. There is no such thing in our lexicon: 'it is either ours or theirs.' Either it will be ours or it will be ours, and this is emphasized by the blood of [Tel Aviv shooter] Raad, the blood of [Beni Brak shooter] Diaa, and the blood of the pure martyrs."

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