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Nov 12, 2023
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Hamas Official Osama Hamdan: Israel Is A Threat To Humanity, A Neo-Nazi, Sadistic, Racist Entity; I Call On All The Free People Of The World To Increase Their Activity In Solidarity With Palestinians

#10634 | 03:21
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Osama Hamdan, a member of Hamas's Political Bureau, said at a November 12, 2023 press conference in Beirut, Lebanon, that was aired on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar), that Israel is a racist, sadistic, and neo-Nazi entity, that constitutes state-sponsored terrorism and is a threat to humanity. He called on the "free people of the world" and Muslims worldwide to increase their activity in solidarity with the Palestinians and Gaza and against "genocidal war." Hamdan added that confronting "this Nazi entity" is an international and humanitarian mission. He also said that U.S. President Joe Biden and his "Jewish Secretary of State" Antony Blinken are responsible for this crime that is being carried out by means of American planes and missiles.

Osama Hamdan: "We hold the American administration, along with its President Biden, and especially its Jewish Secretary of State responsible for this crime that is being carried out by means of American planes and missiles, with the full support of the U.S. and under its political cover.


"Today, the world knows the true essence of this plundering entity, the so-called 'Israel'. It is an entity of neo-Nazis that is a paragon of crimes against humanity. They constitute state-sponsored terrorism. They are sadistic racists, soaked in the blood of innocent women and children. This entity is the real threat to humanity and to international peace and security in the region and in the world. Confronting this Nazi entity is an international and humanitarian mission.

"We salute and thank the Arab and Muslim people, and the free people who took to the streets in London, Washington, Madrid, Lebanon, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Oman and Algeria, as well as all the people who took to the streets in the capital cities of the world in order to express their rejection of the occupation, its crimes and its aggression, and in order to demand freedom for Palestine and the Palestinians, who have a right to self-determination, just like all other people on earth.

"The activity of the angry masses on all the continents of the world is a very important matter that has a large impact in pressuring the decision-makers in the world, as well as pressuring the leaders that are complicit in the massacre of the century, leaders that gave the murderous criminal Stinkiyahu a green light to commit massacres and wage a genocidal war.

"Today, the people of the world stand with our people. They stand with truth. They reject and condemn the occupation, that represents evil, falsehood, terrorism, and neo-Nazism, that tries – through minorities that are associated with it – to pressure leaders for the sake of that entity.

"They will not succeed. Today, people are more aware of the scope of the crimes being committed. We call upon these free people to increase their activity and their solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinians, in defense of the values of freedom and justice, and against the occupation and the genocidal war that is currently being waged against our people. This is humanitarian responsibility and mission, that every free people can take pride in.

"Oh, people of the world, the sons of the Islamic nation, and the free people of the world: Keep your activity on the ground. Your voice is louder than their tyranny, missiles, and terrorism."

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