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May 06, 2020
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Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal: Who Is More Dangerous to Humanity - COVID-19 or the Jews? The Jews Should Be Treated in Keeping with the Quranic Verse "Kill Them Wherever You May Find Them"

#7984 | 02:12
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal said in a May 6, 2020 parliamentary session that aired Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) that Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank would constitute a crime against the will of Allah since the Jews are the most corrupt of Allah's creatures and since Allah has prescribed humiliation, misery, and wrath for the Jews. He said that the Jews are more dangerous than the coronavirus, that they are planning to eventually occupy parts of the Arabian Peninsula, including Medina, and that the Hamas parliament should recommend that the Jews should be killed wherever they may be found, since this is what Allah decreed about them.

Yunis Al-Astal: "The annexation [of parts of the West Bank by Israel] would be a crime against the will of Allah, who says [in the Quran]... It is well known that the Jews are the most corrupt of Allah's creatures. They sow corruption throughout the land, and they do not act righteously. [The annexation] also contradicts what has been prescribed for them by Allah - humiliation, misery, and His wrath. What is more dangerous for humanity - the Jews or the coronavirus? Suffice it to say that [in the Quran], Allah describes the Jews thus: 'The worst of the beasts in the sight of Allah are those who disbelieve. They are the ones with whom you made a covenant, but they break their covenants every time.'

"Today, the occupation strives to take over Tabuk, Tayma, Khaybar, Medina, and other places in Arab countries where Jews [used to live] and left. They emigrated to Palestine in order to bolster its plundering. [This annexation] poses a danger for the entire region. If one Muslim country were to attack another Muslim country and occupy it for no reason, it would be obligatory to fight it, because it would be an aggressor. Allah says: 'Fight the ones who commit aggression until they return to the ordinance of Allah' - all the more so with regard to the enemies od Allah and humanity. They are the enemies of Allah, His angels, His prophets, and of [the archangels] Gabriel and Michael, as it is written in the Al-Baqarah chapter of the Quran.

"The solution is to add to [the parliament's] recommendations that Jews should be treated according to Allah's decree about them. Allah decrees [in the Quran]: 'Kill them wherever you may find them, and drive them away from wherever they drove you away.' Allah also says: 'Fight them until there is no fitnah, and until religion is all for Allah."

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