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Oct 26, 2022
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Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras Praises 'Lion's Den' And 'Jenin Brigade' Terrorist Groups: They Evoke The Martyrdom Operations Of The Past; Our Land Must Be Irrigated With Our Blood

#9912 | 02:46
Source: The Internet - "Hamas’ Ministry of the Interior and National Security on YouTube"

Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras, the chairman of the Interior and Security Committee in the Gaza Parliament, said, in a speech at a graduation ceremony at a basic training course run by Gaza's ministry of Interior and National Security, that the recently-formed "Lion''s Den" and "Jenin Brigade" terrorist groups have "revived hope" among Palestinians. He said that the attacks by these groups are like "martyrdom operations of the past,", and he said that Palestine must be "irrigated with the blood" of the Palestinians. He added: "This holy land must wear [our] pure blood as perfume." In addition, Abu Ras predicted that these groups will soon begin operating in Hebron. The speech was posted on October 26, 2022, to the YouTube account of Hamas' Ministry of the Interior and National Security.

Marwan Abu Ras: "Salvation, liberation, and victory come with a price. Victory over this criminal enemy cannot come as a free gift, out of this enemy's kindness or generosity. Victory must be forced [out of the enemy]. Our land must be irrigated with our blood. This holy land must wear this pure blood as perfume. I would like to tell you, brothers, that during the Crusader wars, over 100,000 martyrs were killed in the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The blood reached the horses' knees.

"Our Palestinian people are completely determined to liberate their land, no matter how much blood is shed. This enemy must leave. I swear, we rejoice with what happened in the last few days, for what the hero [terrorist] Uday Al-Tamimi did, and for what his brothers did this morning, when they tweeted on several websites, saying: 'We will not relinquish our guns. We will remain steadfast in the face of this hateful occupier.'

"Indeed, we are optimistic, because this new group revived hope within us, and threw us back to the days of the martyrdom operations. We are optimistic to see this broad unity of our people around those heroes: The Lion's Den, the Jenin Brigade, and soon, they will move to Hebron, if they haven't started already. Gaza keep an eye on all of these developments, even if from afar. Gaza is watching, and it will never turn its back on its people, its holy places, its brothers, and the heroes in our dear West Bank, or in the territories occupied [in 1948]."

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