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Mar 18, 2024
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Hamas Ministry Of The Interior’s Palestinian Civil Defense Force Secures Humanitarian Aid Convoy Going To North Gaza

#10967 | 01:10
Source: Online Platforms - "Palestinian Civil Defense on Telegram"

A video uploaded to the Telegram channel of the Hamas Ministry of the Interior’s Palestinian Civil Defense force on March 18, 2024, shows the force bringing in a humanitarian aid convoy into northern Gaza. In the video, a uniformed man tells the camera that the aid is being brought into the North Gaza Governorate. Armed men in uniform can be seen riding on top of the sacks of flour on the trucks.

Driver: "We are securing the entrance of aid to the North Gaza Governorate for the second consecutive day. We stopped at the Dawla Square, thanks to Allah. The trucks will now begin to enter the North Gaza Governorate, inshallah. Thanks, guys."

Speaker: "To the north!"

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