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Apr 29, 2017
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Hamas's Fathi Hammad to Mahmoud Abbas: Leave! You Are Not Our President. We Shall Continue to Wage Jihad

#6007 | 03:06
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Former Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad, who is a member of the organization's political bureau, spoke in a rally in Gaza and called upon Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to leave office. "Leave, you are not our president", said Hammad. "We shall continue to wage Jihad." Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV aired the rally on April 30.


Fathi Hammad: "Since all the poems and songs here in Gaza are about Jihad and resistance, we say to (Abbas), who sang along with (Israeli singer) Zeheva (Ben)... You know who I am talking about... We say: Leave, because you sang with the Jewish Zehava, the enemy of Islam and the Muslims. Leave, because you stole the livelihood of our people. Leave, because you derided the resistance and the mujahideen. Leave, because you put Jihad and the mujahideen in prison, and you persecuted the mujahideen in the West Bank, and before that in Gaza. Leave! Leave! Leave, leave, oh Abbas, Gaza will not be trampled underfoot! Leave, leave, oh Abbas, our honor will not be trampled underfoot! Leave, leave, oh Abbas, our blood will not be trampled underfoot! Leave, leave, oh Abbas, our widows, our orphans, and our mujahideen will not be trampled underfoot! Therefore, you must leave immediately. Therefore, we say: 'Oh you who are leaving - whether today or tomorrow, you will be leaving, Allah willing. You will leave, completely enveloped in... what shall we call it? You are completely enveloped in the shame and disgrace that (stuck to you) when you banded together with Netanyahu and Trump. You are about to pay a visit to Trump, and you want to trample our people underfoot, and present him with your vile and despicable credentials.




"We say to you: Leave. You are not our president. We shall continue to raise Jihad, Allah willing. You do not belong in our midst - not here in Gaza, not in the West Bank, not in Palestine. You do not represent Palestine. You do not represent the mujahideen. You represent the forces of shame, and the treachery of the security coordination.




"We shall trample the heads of all the Zionists underfoot, along with their leaders, Allah willing. Therefore, we say, in the name of the people of Gaza, Oh, you who are leaving, if you believe that this mighty people, which was not affected by the years of catastrophe, or by the Merkava tanks, the F-16 planes, or the newly arrived F-35 planes... You will not have an impact on the firm will of the people of Gaza, on their steadfastness, or on their confrontation (of the enemy). We shall proceed to liberate Palestine in its entirety. What are you negotiating, Mr. President? You're negotiating for 20%, while every day, our land is being nibbled away, and the settlements... Oh President, we have no need for you, so leave us."

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