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Oct 24, 2004
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Hamas Leader Osama Hamdan Threatens to Bomb Israeli Cities and a "Jews Expert" Explains Israeli Policy

#304 | 02:32
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan and Nawaf Al-Zaro, an expert on Israel and the Jews:

Nawaf Al-Zaro Expert on Israel and the Jews: The assassination policy has been a Zionist industry for a century. If we skip the Jewish religious background of the Torah, which permits shedding the blood of others, the Gentiles, and if we examine the political platforms of the Zionist parties, we will find that all the current Zionist political sources, as well as those of the Torah, permit shedding the Gentiles' blood and especially that of the Palestinians.

Thus, we are facing a Zionist state that is, in general terms, a state of terrorism and assassination, Unparalleled throughout human history and on the face of the earth today. Even the European public opinion stated that Israel is a terrorist state and is the greatest threat to world security and peace. Something else must be said. The Zionist culture behind the assassinations is a culture of massacre and shedding of Palestinian blood.

The conflict over Palestine is a conflict of existence, a strategic conflict: It is either them or us. This is their strategy, and, essentially, this is also our strategy. Palestine, according to our belief and faith, is Arab from the river to the sea. The conflict with the Zionist enterprise is a conflict of existence. We fight this enterprise in order to eradicate it.

Osama Hamdan Hamas representative in Lebanon: I'd like to reassure you that although the assassination of brother 'Adnan Al-Ghul is painful to us – brother 'Adnan Al-Ghul left behind him a large military industry and a leadership capable of responsibility. People no less able than him will take his place, and the path will continue. We are sad to lose a brother, but this enterprise is destined for victory, Allah willing, and not for collapse and defeat…

The fourth point I wanted to mention is developing the means and abilities of the resistance. I won't be revealing a secret since the brothers from the Al-Qassam Brigades already declared a few days ago that they are working on the development of Qassam missiles that will be able to reach the depth of the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, and may soon be able to reach major cities such as Ashkelon.

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