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Mar 16, 2023
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Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Praises Perpetrators Of Recent Terror Attacks In Israel, Adds: Our Rockets Can Strike Anywhere In The Zionist Entity

#10189 | 04:00
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

In a March 16, 2023 speech he delivered during a visit to Algeria, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praised Palestinian terrorists such as Uday Tamimi, whom he mistakenly refers to as Ahed, (who killed an Israeli Border Police officer at a checkpoint in October 2022), Khairy Alqam (who shot and killed seven Israelis during the January 2023 Jerusalem synagogue massacre), and Mutaz Khawaja (who killed one Israeli and seriously wounded two others in a March 9, 2023 shooting attack in Tel Aviv). Haniyeh said that the Palestinians will continue their resistance in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel until the "Zionist occupier" is expelled from all of Palestine, and he said that since the May 2021 conflict with Israel, Hamas's engineers have developed rockets that can strike anywhere in Israel. In addition, he compared the Israeli "occupation" to the French occupation of Algeria, predicting that the Zionists will leave Palestine like the French left Algeria. Haniyeh's speech was aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza).

Ismail Haniyeh: "The situation in the West Bank is escalating. Young and old have carried out attacks at the heart of the entity. A thirteen-year-old lion cub, who has not even reached puberty, takes a gun, infiltrates the border, carries out an attack, and kills. Ahed Tamimi [sic], Khairy Alqam, [Tel Aviv attacker] Mutaz Al-Khawaja — these heroes took up weapons, and fought the enemy on the streets of Tel Aviv. They imposed a curfew on Tel Aviv. Yes. A young man paralyzed the entire [Zionist] entity by himself. He killed, and then he was martyred.

"This is the resistance in the West Bank today This is one of the strategic transformations. The resistance in the West Bank, in Gaza, and throughout the land of Palestine will continue until we expel the Zionist occupier from the entire land of Palestine, from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, and from Ras Al-Naqoura [Rosh HaNikra] to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat].

"My brothers and sisters, Palestine is not only inside the '67 borders. Palestine is not only the West Bank and Gaza. Palestine is Gaza, the West Bank, Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Lod, Ramla, and Safed. Every single grain of Palestine is Islamic waqf.


"I would like to reassure you that the resistance — led by the Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza — has multiplied its military capabilities many times over, after the [2021] Sword of Jerusalem War. It is no secret that despite the siege on Gaza, and despite the difficulty in providing military supplies to the resistance, the engineers of Al-Qassam Brigades have manufactured rockets that are capable of reaching every point in occupied Palestine. All of Palestine, the entire Zionist entity, is under fire. Under fire — this enemy understands nothing but force.

"Algeria was only liberated by blood, martyrs, resistance, and revolution. The French occupation and the Zionist occupation are very similar — both these colonizations or occupations were based on the idea of permanence. They considered themselves to be an occupation of settlers who will never leave. "[The Quran says:] 'And they thought that their strongholds would put them out of Allah's reach, but the decree of Allah came upon them from where they never expected.' Just as the French left Algeria, the Zionists will leave Palestine."

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