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Jan 27, 2023
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Hamas TV Host Raji Al-Hams Salutes Perpetrator Of Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre: Through Your Hands, Allah Satisfied Our Lust For Revenge; You Brought Us Happiness And Joy

#10098 | 00:42
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

On a show that aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) on January 27, 2023, Hamas TV host Raji Al-Hams saluted Khairy Alqam, the terrorist who earlier that night carried out the Jerusalem synagogue massacre that left seven Israelis dead. He said that Alqam brought "happiness and joy" to the Palestinians and that through him, Allah satisfied the Palestinians' lust for revenge. Al-Hams added: "We salute and cherish you, oh hero, oh martyrdom-seeking mujahid!"

Raji Al-Hams: "I salute you, hero. People like you, oh free feda'i, deserve a salute. You brought us happiness and joy.

"By your hand, Allah satisfied our lust for revenge, and healed the breasts of the believers. You healed the hearts of the martyrs' mothers. We salute and cherish you, oh hero, oh martyrdom-seeking mujahid!"

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