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Mar 03, 2016
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Hamas Government Official Issam Miqdad Extols the Virgins of Paradise: 'I Pray that We Will Earn These Great Trophies from the Lord'

#5488 | 02:11
Source: Online Platforms

Gaza cleric Issa Mahmoud Miqdad recently extolled the virtues of the virgins of Paradise, saying that they were "made of saffron" and were like "pearls well protected." "If one of the [men in Paradise] fancies a certain slave girl, all he has to do is touch her wrist, and she will follow him," said Miqdad, an official of the Hamas Ministry of Religious Endowments, citing a hadith. "I pray for Allah to honor you and me, so that we will earn these great trophies from the Lord." Miqdad posted the video on his personal Facebook page on March 4.


Following are excerpts



Issa Mahmoud Miqdad: The Prophet Muhammad said, in this magnificent hadith: "If a virgin of Paradise were to spit in the seven seas, its water would become sweet from the sweetness of her mouth. The virgins of Paradise are made of saffron." Your beloved Prophet Muhammad also said: "There is a river in Paradise called Baydakh. Above it are domes made of gems, and beneath them, there are young virgins.



The people of Paradise say: Take us to the Baydakh river. There, they examine the slave girls and the virgins. And if one of them fancies a certain slave girl, he touches her wrist, and she follows him." Allah says about this in the Quran: "[The people of Paradise will be served] with fruits, any that they may select, and with the meat of fowls, from whatever they desire. And [for them are] virgins of Paradise, the likenesses of pearls well protected, as a reward for the deeds of their past life."



Our beloved Prophet Muhammad said: "There is a virgin in Paradise called Lu'ba. All the virgins of Paradise admire her. They pat her on the shoulder and say to her: Blessed are you, Lu'ba. If those who seek Paradise had known about you, they would have applied themselves harder. It is written between her eyes: Whoever wants to have a virgin like me should aim to please my Lord." I pray for Allah to honor me and you, so that we will earn these great trophies from the Lord.





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