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Jan 11, 2017
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Hamas: Facebook Besieges the Palestinians Just Like the Occupation Does

#5861 | 03:10
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

A recent Al-Aqsa TV report accused Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms of coordinating with Israel to delete accounts of Hamas supporters. According to the report, aired on January 11, "Facebook besieges the Palestinians just like the occupation besieges them." Facebook's campaigns, it said, "resemble the periodical detention campaigns by the occupation." Hamas MP Salah Bardawil called to expose the "secret and public contracts" of the occupation in its "onslaught against free will and freedom of expression."


Host: "Many believed that social media would become pioneering platforms for the supporters of freedom – freedom of speech and the freedom to bring change. The reality, however, has been entirely different. Facebook besieges the Palestinians, just like the occupation besieges them. From time to time, supporters of Palestine are surprised to find that Facebook has deleted many pages and accounts without prior warning. It conducts periodical campaigns, which resemble the periodical detention campaigns by the occupation, as part of its so-called 'weeding out' policy. In the most recent campaign conducted last Friday, Facebook deleted some 200 accounts of Palestinian journalists and activists, especially those who support the resistance. This behavior coincided with the anniversary of the martyrdom of the first 'engineer' [Yahya Ayyash], when the hashtag 'Be Like Ayyash' went viral."




Hamas MP Salah Bardawil: "The occupation is making great efforts, in coordination with Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, to delete accounts of people who oppose the Zionist occupation. This stems from the occupation being a thief and a robber, which is terrified of being exposed for what it is.




"This is not the first time. It happened a few months ago, when many accounts were shut down, and some remain closed. But new accounts have been opened instead. Each time, the occupation monitors the new media, which defeats it by exposing the truth about it.




"We do not fear this reckless conduct. However, we – and anyone who can – must expose the occupation, and expose those who make contracts with it. These companies purport to be platforms of freedom, where anyone can express his opinion. We must expose these platforms and their managers. We must expose their secret and public contracts, which are used by the occupation in its onslaught against free will and the freedom of expression.




"We must work day and night to shut down the many Zionist websites that incite to terrorism and racism. We must close down Zionist pages that incite to racism, and we must expose the truth about what the occupation is doing in the occupied land, and we must expose the overt and covert agreements with the occupation. This is the job of the experts in the field, and I believe that it should be further developed."


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