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Feb 24, 2016
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Hamas Clerics Al-Zarad and Al-Astal: The Jews Are the "Enemies of Mankind" Who "Wallow in the Shedding of Blood"

#5406 | 04:44
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

In a TV program that aired on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel on February 25, 2016, Hamas clerics Yunis Al-Astal and Wael Al-Zard discussed the traits of the Jews. Zard asked what makes the Jews "wallow in such an inhumane way in the shedding of blood," and Al-Astal, who called the Jews the "enemies of Mankind," said that it was their cruelty that spurred the Palestinian youth to "confront these cruel beasts in order to uproot them from our blessed lands and to wipe them out of existence, because they pose a threat to Mankind."


Al-Zard: "The question is what leads the Jews to target places known as places of worship, to bomb them and destroy them, sometimes with people inside."



Al-Astal: "It is well known that the Jews are the enemies of mankind, and not just of the Islamic nation. Moreover, they target our nation's symbols of religious worship. Allah described the Jews as 'the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah.' Therefore, none of the evil creatures are as evil as the Jews.






"It is known that the Jews want mankind in general, and the Islamic nation in particular, to be slaves and servants to the Jews. They base this on myths and legends, according to which they are the beloved children of God, while the rest of mankind are beasts, created by God in human form, to be put to service by the beloved children of God. From the mosques and places of worship, people emerge who refuse to give in to these myths and this nonsense."






Al-Zard: "What makes the Jews wallow in such an inhumane way in the shedding of blood?



Al-Astal: "It is not surprising that those who shed the blood of the prophets, and who killed the people who call for justice, act this way. They are the ones who say: 'We are under no obligation toward these unlearned (Gentiles).' They are not referring only to the Arabs or the Muslims, but to anyone who is an enemy of the Jews.






"What do you expect from people about whom Allah said: 'After that, your hearts were hardened and became as stones or even harder'? That is why Allah decreed with regard to them: 'If you gain mastery upon them in war, disperse them, so that those who follow them will remember.' It is this Jewish cruelty that spurs our youth, the Palestinian people, and the Islamic nation to confront these cruel beasts, in order to uproot them from our blessed lands and to wipe them out of existence, because they pose a threat to mankind.






"The Jews corrupted the European peoples. That is why Europe wanted to get rid of them. That is why it exploited the myth of the Promised Land, and enticed them by establishing an entity for them in Palestine, so that they would leave Europe and Europe would be rid of them. The Europeans wanted to take advantage of the Jews' conflict with Islam, so that the two enemies of the Cross would eliminate one another. That was the rationale of Europe – and especially of Britain – in creating the Zionist entity here. The same ideology has led the American Crusaders to support and embrace this entity to a crazy degree. Today, the occupiers are the servants and slaves of the Cross, to the point that the [Jews] fulfill their role in attempting to stifle the revival of the Islamic nation. One can conclude from this that if the Jews had any sense, they would not have allowed themselves to be dragged to Palestine, in return for an entity and other temptations, when they were living a life of comfort in Europe. But it was the decree of Allah that they would come in droves, so that the divine promise of Judgement Day would be fulfilled.



"The divine promise is that Palestine, which is blessed for all mankind, will take upon itself to bury the Jewish corruption, which the world wants to rid itself of. At the same time, Palestine will sprinkle its blessing upon mankind, by destroying the corruption that was spreading throughout the world through this wicked sector of mankind..."



Al-Zard: "So they were brought here to be killed, Allah willing."



Al-Astal: "Undoubtedly."






"Our jihad will be a blessing from Allah to all mankind. It is incumbent upon the blessed Palestine to wage jihad, in order to rid the world of the evil of the Jews. Thus, the blessing of Palestine will shine in the world..."



Al-Zard: "Allah willing."


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