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Oct 29, 2015
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Hamas Cleric and TV Host Iyad Abu Funun: The Zionists Are More Nazi than Hitler

#5152 | 04:03
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

In an October 29, 2015 address on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel, cleric and TV host Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun said that "Hitler did not do anything" and that there was not "a single shred of evidence proving that the Holocaust really took place." He further said: "[The Zionists] are the Nazis! By Allah, they are more Nazi than Hitler."

Following are excerpts:

Iyad Abu Funun: Let me tell you, the Holocaust which the Zionists keep chanting about, and because of which they seek the solidarity of the world, saying: "We were burned, we were victims of racism and Nazism"… They are the Nazis! By Allah, they are more Nazi than Hitler. They are more criminal and racist than anyone else on Earth. Even according to their own books and false beliefs, they are more Nazi than Hitler. Hitler did not do anything! Hitler was a criminal killer, but if we compare him to them, they are the Nazis and the criminals.

They were lying about the Holocaust all along. In Arabic, "Holocaust" means: "offering sacrifices to the gods by burning." They think that we don't read history and don't know the details. I challenge any Zionist to provide even a single shred of evidence proving that the Holocaust really took place.

The figures that they talk about… Let's take, for example, [the claim] that Hitler burned six million Jews. Woe betide anyone who dares to doubt this figure – not even doubting the Holocaust itself, but just the figure, saying: "It was five million, not six million." Such a person is labeled a criminal, a terrorist. He must be liquidated and hanged from the gallows for making light of the Holocaust and doubting the figures. The Europeans themselves say that the number of Jews in Europe – not just in Germany, under Hitler's rule… The number of Jews in Europe in its entirety was six million. So how could Hitler possibly have killed six million? He would have annihilated them, leaving none alive.

So how did the Jewish figures come into being? According to the Jewish figures, the number of Jews before the Holocaust in the entire world – not just in Europe – was 16 million. In 1948, when they declared their entity in our occupied land, they said that there are 18 million Jews in the world. Ten years passed between the first figure and the second one. So where did six million of them go? How could they have been killed? These are their figures, not ours. They are not from Muslim historians, lest anyone should say: "You're questioning the figures, you're doubting the Holocaust, and you want to twist the facts."

We are not the only ones who are saying this. Look at all the American lawyers and judges who were imprisoned, as well as the British and even some Jews. There were even some Jews who were imprisoned for doubting the figures. Some lawyers in Austria were placed on trial for the sole reason that they doubted the figures.

The facts prove that in the last Nazi convention, when Hitler decided to elevate the Aryan race and to distance the other races from it, he did not propose to exterminate the Jews. That is not true. He proposed a plan for Germany to get rid of the other, unwanted, races. Therefore, in that convention he proposed that the Jews go to Madagascar. So how can we say that on the one hand, he wanted to exterminate the Jews, but on the other hand, he wanted to send them to Madagascar?


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