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Mar 01, 2019
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Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed ِAl-Tayeb: Polygamy Is Prohibited if Justice for Wives Is Not Guaranteed

#7068 | 01:15
Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)

Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Egypt's Al-Azhar University, said in a March 1, 2019 interview on Channel 1 TV (Egypt) that polygamy is a misunderstood topic in Islam that, in most cases, involves injustice towards women, their children, and their families. He explained that justice is a precondition for polygamy in the same way that ritual ablution is a precondition for prayer. He added: "This is not an issue open to experiments… It is the fear of injustice or harm that makes polygamy forbidden for you." For more about Sheikh Al-Tayeb, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 6438, No. 5527, No. 4048, No. 2451, No. 1478.

Following are excerpts:


Ahmed Al-Tayeb: In 90% of cases – and I am not exaggerating – polygamy involves injustice towards the wife, her family, and her children.




Polygamy is an example of an issue in which the correct understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet has been distorted.




Justice is a precondition for polygamy, just like ablution is a precondition for prayer. If there is no justice, polygamy is forbidden. This is not an issue open to experimentation. It is not as if you can marry a second wife, and if you back down, [polygamy] is forbidden for you and you divorce her or you simply stay married to her. No. It is the fear of injustice or harm that makes polygamy forbidden for you.

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