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Aug 20, 2008
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Germany-Based Tunisian Journalist Nur Al-Din Al-Farjani: Saddam Was 50 Million Times Better Than the British in Iraq

#1851 | 05:24
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from in interview with Germany-based Tunisian journalist Nur Al-Din AL-Farjani, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on August 20, 2008.

Nur Al-Din Al-Farjani: Britain bears the responsibility for all our catastrophes, from Sykes-Picot to this day. What is happening today in Lebanon, in Iraq, and in Gaza – the siege, massacres, destruction, and exile – the detention camps in the West Bank... Britain is responsible for all of this. Did the Palestine skies rain down hundreds of thousands of Jews all of a sudden? Didn’t they arrive under the auspices of British colonialism? Were they no British subjects? Did Britain bring its army in 1917, to make a pilgrimage to Palestine, to Jerusalem, and to atone [for its sins]? Didn’t Balfour issue his accursed declaration the day Allenby and his army entered Palestine – announcing the establishment of a national homeland for the Jews on this holy land? How could Britain allow itself, while it had the mandate over Palestine – and the laws of the mandate are well know, and prohibit any geographic or demographic change... How could Britain allow itself to give the Jews a homeland on a land that it does not own and only has a mandate over? Britain bears responsibility for this.

Interviewer: Do we still suffer the consequences of the disasters caused by Britain?

Al-Farjani: To this very day. You said that Britain’s role had ended. On the contrary, to this day Britain is America’s decision-maker. For your information, a game is being played between Britain and America. Whatever Britain says, America says, and vice versa. To this day, it is Britain that decides what America will do. It is Britain that dragged America into the war in Iraq. Britain makes the political decisions with regard to this region. It is Britain that does the thinking for America. America is like a bull, which Britain drags by a ring through its nose. That’s Britain – the head of the snake, the reason for all our catastrophes, not just in the Arab world. Take Australia, for example. An entire continent was completely destroyed. Take New Zealand, Tasmania, North America... In the name of what? In the name of Christianity...

Interviewer: You are comparing Britain... This is very exaggerated, Mr. Al-Farjani. You are comparing Britain to Nazism.

Al-Farjani: It is worse that Nazism. Britain is much worse than Hitler and his Nazism. How long did Hitler rule? From 1937 to 1945. Just a few years. The Nazis committed crimes against the Jews, gypsies, Poles and Russians. It has been said that they killed six million, but who counted them? For us, as Muslims, “Whoever kills a soul – unless for murder or for spreading mischief – it is as if he killed all mankind.” Any killing without justification is forbidden. They killed Jews, and gypsies, and others... But what Britain did on these continents – in America, Australia...

Interviewer: Stick to the Arab world.

Al-Farjani: In the Arab world, Palestine is completely lost. The Palestinian people... Iraq is lost. One and a half million Iraqis were killed...

Interviewer: Because of Britain?

Al-Farjani: Yes. We are still suffering... Britain vetoed the future and unity of the Arab nation.


Interviewer: Can you deny that Britain takes in millions of Arab refuges, and protects them from the oppression of the Arab regimes?

Al-Farjani: I do not deny this, but Britain does not protect them or take them in out of love for them. Instead, it uses them as a bogeyman against the Arab regimes, in order to exert pressure on and to plunder the Arab regimes. Those Arabs who find refuge in the viper’s nest – Britain – are in fact tools in the hands of the English, to serve the goals of England, America, and the West as a whole. Don’t be deceived by the words of my colleague, who wants to defend Britain. Britain is the head of the snake. There is a mafia. The West in its entirety – France, Britain, and Germany – is a mafia, and the head of the mafia is London, which does the thinking for them and makes the decisions to this day. Don’t talk to me about the old British colonies. Take New Zealand or Australia, for example – they are Britain’s “daughters.” Then English crimes around the world cannot even be compared to the crimes of the Mongols in our region.


Al-Farjani: Saddam Hussein is two thousand times better than [the British].

Interviewer: Saddam was better than the British in Iraq?

Al-Farjani: Fifty million times better. He is better than the Americans and all the others. How did the Iraqis live? They lived a life of comfort. 250,000 students would graduate from university annually – engineers, doctors, and all other professions. What has become of those universities? They have completely destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure.

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