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Nov 24, 2010
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General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Badi', in Pre-Election Interview, Calls to Remove the NDP from Power: "If Egypt Continues This Way, It Will Become a Catastrophe for Its People"

#2732 | 04:13
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Muhammad Badi', General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on November 24, 2010:

Interviewer: General Fuad Allam, who is described as your sworn enemy, said, in a statement published the day before yesterday, that the Muslim Brotherhood would resort to arms and bombings, in order to incite the masses, and to mar the parliamentary elections in the eyes of the countries of the world.

Muhammad Badi': First, I think that the testimony of General Fuad Allam must be refuted. His testimony is unacceptable...

Interviewer: Why?

Muhammad Badi': Because he participated in the torture and killing of Muslim Brotherhood members.

Interviewer: You are accusing him of torture and killings?

Muhammad Badi': There are witnesses to this.

Interviewer: You are accusing Fuad Allam of torture and killings?

Muhammad Badi': He participated in the torture of Muslim Brotherhood members who are still alive, and I believe that witnesses to his killing of brother Kamal Al-Sananiri are still alive. As for the other thing...

Interviewer: So Fuad Allam is accused of Killing Kamal Al-Sananiri?

Muhammad Badi': Yes.

Interviewer: In 1981?

Muhammad Badi': If we could, we would bring him to trial – the evidence exists – but the time is not ripe. Now, I am talking about his statements. He said, in an official declaration, that if the Muslim Brotherhood came to power, [Egypt's] approach to the Zionist enemy would do a complete about-face. Why is he so protective of good relations with the Zionist enemy? This is a man whose testimony is refuted, because he has a record of torturing Muslim Brotherhood members in Egyptian prisons.


Interviewer: There are many reports that say that the coming elections will be bloody. So far, four supporters of the candidates have been killed. Dr. Sa'd Al-Qatani, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, was subject to an assassination attempt, as he claimed in today's papers.

There are many indications that the Muslim Brotherhood will cause civil strife. Some observers said, on official Egyptian TV, that the Muslim Brotherhood might face a crisis after these elections, which would surpass the crises of 1954 and 1965. Why don't you withdraw from the elections to prevent bloodshed among the Muslim Brotherhood and people at large? If the NDP will rig the elections anyway, as you say, let it do so.

Muhammad Badi': I am surprised that you tell the victim not to face the killer, so that he won't kill him. Who is shedding blood? Who is preventing peaceful demonstrations, organized by Muslim Brotherhood candidates just like other candidates?


We have been placed on trial while in jail. People were killed and buried, then placed on trial on charges of fleeing jail, and then sentenced, when the [authorities] had already killed and buried them in the Abbasiyya Desert. These regimes constantly lie to their peoples, but the day of reckoning, which no tyrant can escape, will come.


If Egypt continues this way, it will become a catastrophe for its people. I say to the people of reason within the governing bodies: Do not let the NDP pollute you or your reputation by supporting it. The institutes of Egypt are the property of the Egyptian people, not of the NDP. The NDP has proven its failure. It had more than one opportunity to succeed, and it failed. It has run out of chances, and we must remove it, by peaceful means outlined in the constitution and the law. This is the right of the Egyptian people alone, and nobody else.


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