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Feb 20, 2015
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Gazan Women Train in Military Wing of Popular Resistance Committees

#4800 | 02:32
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Al-Manar TV recently reported on Gazan women training in the use of weapons and explosive devices in the Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees.

Following are excerpts from the report, which aired on February 20, 2015.

Reporter: Out of sight and in complete secrecy, these women meet daily for lessons that are unlike any other. These are lessons in the art of war, which they follow with the utmost seriousness, both on the theoretical and the practical levels, in order to become one day mujahid women fighting the occupation.

Woman: Theoretical training is vital before going out into the field. If you go out into the field without theoretical training, the result will be failure. We have training in bearing arms and planting IEDs. Our training focuses on women, without men.

Reporter: More than forty mujahid women graduated right after the recent war, and forty others are still undergoing training. They are learning how to use all types of weapons - both light and heavy. They face various difficulties, which they try to overcome through perseverance and training under pressure.

Man: There are difficulties. The women bear arms and are on the battlefield. They face difficulties that the male mujahideen do not face. But there is security work for them to do in the field, such as communications with other mujahid women's units, and forming a liaison between the mujahid men and women.

Reporter: What is amazing is that mothers are joining the Jihad. They leave their children for many long hours. They focus their utmost attention on the work at hand, but then return to their maternal duties the moment their leave the field. They live in this situation, into which they have been forced by the occupation, in order to liberate Palestine.

Woman: My husband also belongs to the [Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades]. When I saw how enthusiastic he was about this movement, I wanted to follow him and help out somehow, so I became an instructor, training others in Jihad. I carry out all my maternal duties toward my children, as well as all my duties in Jihad.

Reporter: Palestinian women carry their weapons on their shoulders, along with the patriotic concern to free themselves from the occupier. Men and women alike abode by the slogan: "victory or martyrdom."


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