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Oct 16, 2015
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Gaza University Dean of Quranic Studies Approves Killing Jewish Women and Children

#5122 | 45
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Dr. Subhi Al-Yaziji, Dean of Quranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza, recently said: "All Jews in Palestine today are fair game - even the women." "Every single Jew in Palestine is a combatant, even the children," he said. In the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV interview, aired on October 16, 2015, Al-Yaziji further said that terror attacks "should be carried out in the very heart of the enemy - in Haifa, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Hadera."


Following is an excerpt:



Subhi Al-Jaziji: All Jews in Palestine are combatants, even their children. They train their children to use tanks and various kinds of weapons. They breastfeed them on hatred for the Palestinian people, and for that, they deserve [to be killed].



The fida'i attacks and the bombings should be carried out in the very heart of the enemy - in Haifa, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and Hadera – as was the case in the past, because that is what hurts the Jews.





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