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Oct 31, 2015
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Gaza Soccer Commentator Likens Goal to Stabbing: Netanyahu, Son of Hebron Coming to Finish You Off

#5141 | 01:41

Gaza soccer commentator Hisham Mu'ammar continues to pepper his running commentary with praise for terror attacks in the West Bank, likening goals to stabbings. "Oh Netanyahu, a son of Hebron is coming to finish you off... the knife of the son of Hebron will cut through your head," he exclaimed during a Gaza Soccer League game between Ittihad Shuja'iyya and Gaza Al-Riyadi, broadcast by Amwaj Sport TV on October 31, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Hisham Mu'ammar, sports announcer: Greetings to all the viewers of Amwaj Sport TV… The kick is dangerous… Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Muhammad Wadi scores. He speaks in the language of the Lions of the East.

Understand this: Shuja'iyya and Hebron are one another's spare parts. A son of Shuaja'iyya shoots at point blank, and a son of Hebron stabs at point blank. I say it time and again, with a note between the lines: Your noses were dragged through the mud at Nahal Oz, and you fled like mice, you decided to withdraw. Don't play with fire, or it will burn your fingers.

Oh Netanyahu, the son of Hebron is coming to finish you off. The son of Hebron is no joke. You have chosen your fate to be slaughtered. Ya'alon fooled you with talk about [the Israeli] deterrence, but the knife of the son of Hebron will cut through your head. Oh Hebron, we have not forgotten you. Your soldiers from Gaza are coming. Be patient, for we are preparing for a battle in which their dead will be too many to count. Shuja'iyya will have the final word, and Jerusalem will be conquered by armies.


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