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Oct 08, 2015
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Gaza Politician Khaled Abu Hilal: Palestinians Abroad Should Attack Israeli Embassies In Europe, U.S. With Stones, Molotov Cocktails: "Why Not Run Over This Zionist In Germany... Why Not Stab Him In His Heart?"

#5100 | 01:07
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

In an October 8, 2015 address aired by the Al-Jazeera Network, Khalel Abu Hilal, leader of the Palestinian Freedom Movement, called to attack Zionist embassies abroad with Molotov cocktails and stones. "Why not run over this Zionist in Germany, in Tunisia, in Egypt, or in Jordan?" he asked. "Why not stab him in his heart?"

Following is an excerpt:

Khaled Abu Hilal: We want [Palestinians abroad] to launch a holy march on all the Zionist embassies, in all the Arab and Muslim countries, as well as in Europe and America. All these embassies must be stoned with holy stones, like Satan is stoned. These embassies should be attacked with Molotov cocktails. Why not target every infidel Zionist, who spreads corruption and depravity throughout the Arab and Islamic land? Why not stab this plundering settler? Why not run over this Zionist in Germany, in Tunisia, in Egypt, or in Jordan? Why not throw stones and Molotov cocktails at him? Why not stab him in his heart?


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