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May 05, 2020
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Fatah Gaza Media Council Video: Facebook Is Fighting Palestinian Content. Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp Are Doing It Too

#7973 | 01:06
Source: The Internet - "Fatah's Gaza Media Council on Facebook and YouTube"

On May 5, 2020, Fatah's Media Council of Gaza posted a video on Facebook and YouTube accusing Facebook other social media platforms of "fighting Palestinian media content." According to the video, Facebook has shut down pages belonging to journalists and activists in a "continuous effort to hide the truth in light of Israeli plots."

On-screen text: "Facebook is fighting Palestinian content. Dozens of pages of journalists and activists have been shut down. A continuous effort to hide the truth in light of the Israeli plots. A violation of the freedom of expression that was guaranteed by the international agreements and charters. This is not the first attack on Palestinian content. Facebook is not the only site that is targeting Palestinian content. Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp do it, too. Facebook and the Israeli leadership take turns [doing this]."

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