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Aug 08, 2021
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Gaza Child YouTuber Majda Abu Al-Ros Blasts Saudi Judoka Tahani Al-Qahtani Who Competed Against An Israeli In Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Your Intentions Of Dedicating Your Victory To The Palestinians Were Not Pure, The Fact That You Removed Your Hijab Proves This

#9017 | 01:47
Source: The Internet - "Majda Abu Al-Ros on YouTube"

Gaza child YouTuber Majda Abu Al-Ros , a.k.a "Majda Daughter of Jerusalem" criticized Saudi judoka Tahani Al-Qahtani for competing against Israeli Raz Hershko in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Majda spoke in a video that she uploaded to her YouTube channel on August 2, 2021. She said that claims that Al-Qahtani would dedicate her victory to the Palestinians were dishonest, and the fact that she removed her hijab is proof of this. She added: "I wish you hadn't done that. You tortured people with your "beauty." Majda continued to say that Al-Qahtani dyed her hair blond, adding: "I thought you were Russian when I first saw you." She further said that "the Zionist entity" celebrated the Israeli judoka's victory over Al-Qahtani as well as Al-Qahtani's recognition of the "entity." Majda concluded that Al-Qahtani's intentions were not pure, and this is why she "will never succeed," adding: "Shame on all those who betrayed Palestine." For more about Majda Abu Al-Ros, see MEMRITV clip no 8919.

Majda Aby Al-Ros: "We very much need powerful messages to be sent to the [Zionist] entity, messages that would tell the entity: No matter how log you persevere, for us, you do not exist and we do not recognize you. This is what being a champion means, unlike [Saudi Judoka Tahani Al-Qahtani] who wanted to dedicate her victory to Palestine.

"You are not honest. Palestine, Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam, and the Muslims are not on your mind. Your statements and your actions confirm that. The first thing you did was to take off your hijab. I wish you hadn't done that. You tortured people with your 'beauty.'


"Moreover, you dyed your hair blonde. I thought you were a Russian judoka when I first saw you. May Allah guide you and mend your ways.

"The [Zionist] entity's Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated the victory of their judoka as well as the recognition of the entity by Algahtani and those behind her. The entity's judoka could have given Algahtani a point or two, save her face, but it is a known fact that whoever bows down and kisses the entity's shoes, will end up being trampled upon.

"'Brother' Tahani said that she had turned off here mobile phone for a couple of days because she wanted to concentrate on competition, and did not want to see the comments of the Arab and Saudi public about her competition against the Israeli judoka. Allah's blessings upon our Phrophet Muhammad…

"So, you lost 0-11 when you were concentrating? If you had not been concentrating, your friend from the entity would have killed you… By Allah, Tahani, your intentions are not pure. This is why you will never succeed. Shame on all who betrayed Palestine."

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