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Nov 19, 2022
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Friday Sermon In Yasuj, Iran By Khamenei's Representative Nassir Hosseini: Iran's New Ghaem-100 Satellite Launcher Is Also An ICBM That Can Target The U.S.

#9945 | 01:53
Source: Dena TV (Iran)

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei's representative in the Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, Nassir Hosseini, said in a Friday, November 11, 2022 sermon in Yasuj, Iran that Iran's new Ghaem-100 satellite missile launcher can also function as an ICBM that can strike the United States, as well as targets in space. He explained that the missile has a range of 12,000 kilometers, which is enough to reach the United States, and he said that this is a "message" for Iran's enemies. He added that Iran's enemies, and particularly Israel, England, the U.S, and the "criminal Saud clan," know that if they make "even the slightest mistake," Iran's response will be "harsh and destructive." For more about Nassir Hosseini, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9455 and 8551. For more about the Ghem-100 satellite launcher and its capabilities, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9932.

Nassir Hosseini: "The other Iranian missile that was launched is Ghaem-100, which is an intercontinental missile and a satellite carrier that uses solid fuel. This was a message for the enemies of this people and this land. The range of this missile is about 12,000 km, whereas the distance from here to America is about 11,000 km. [Surely you] realize the implications… It can even target military satellites in space. This demonstrates the power of this revolution and regime. Our enemies have realized that if they make the slightest mistake, our response will be harsh and destructive.


"The might of the Iranian people has reached the point that with its missile, it can strike any target on land or in space. This missile, in particular, is on of a kind in the world, and can pass any missile defense system. This is a message for the Israeli occupying regime, England, the U.S., the criminal Saud clan, and all the enemies of this [Iranian] people."

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