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Feb 03, 2006
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Friday Sermon in Tripoli, Libya: Millions Were Killed in the World's Wars, Yet They Accuse Islam of Terrorism; Garaudy Defended Islam When He Wrote about the Holocaust

#1042 | 02:19
Source: Libya TV

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon at Ahmad Pasha Mosque, Tripoli, Libya, aired on Libya TV on February 3, 2006.

Preacher: Hitler killed a million Germans, more than 1,700,000 in Russia, and 2,700,000 at the Battle of Stalingrad - under the walls of Stalingrad. Many millions were killed in World War I, in World War III [sic], in the Sinoi??Indian War, in Vietnam, and in other wars. Millions were killed "by their own hands" i?? "They destroy their own homes by their own hands, and by the hands of the Muslims." And then they go and accuse Islam of terrorism. Why? Because Islam has invaded the hearts, and captured the minds, without a single drop of blood being shed.


When [Roger Garaudy] wrote about the Holocaust perpetrated by Hitler, the leader of the fictitious Germany... When he wrote that the number of Jews killed was false, he was accused of anti-Semitism. He was tried, and his doctorate was revoked. Rajaa Garaudy, this Muslim man... Rajaa Garaudy, this French Muslim man, who defended Islam when he wrote about the Holocaust. He presented irrefutable evidence that it is fictitious, and was accused of anti-Semitism. They did many things to him, to the point that they wanted him to stand trial. We too demand that they be brought to justice.


1 1/3 billion pledge their allegiance to you, [Prophet Muhammad] i?? a pledge of death and martyrdom, because your teachings cannot be harmed.

Bravo to the martyrdom for the sake of Allah. Bravo to the martyrdom for elevating the word of Allah. Bravo to martyrdom for elevating the word of truth.

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