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Aug 27, 2004
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Friday Sermon on Sudan TV: The US is a Mosquito, the Jews a Malaria Microbe

#224 | 04:20

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon at Al-Shahid Mosque in Khartoum, Sudan. The preacher is 'Abd Al-Jalil Al-Nazir Al-Karouri:

All this talk about mosquitoes and microbes reminded me of a political parallel: The [relationship] between the Jews and their patrons in the US. The relationship between Israel and the US is like the relationship between the mosquito and the malaria microbe. The mosquito's interest is to suck blood, while the microbe's is to corrupt. It rides on this mosquito and corrupts. We advise the US from this pulpit, and it will do as it sees fit. The microbe settles in the mosquito's stomach and tears it up… The malaria microbe settles in the mosquito's stomach and eventually kills it.

Our advice is like that of [Benjamin] Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers: The malaria microbe known as the Jews, which the US carries in its stomach, will kill it sooner or later.

I also heard yesterday on TV that the new year budget that the [American] President will present has a deficit of more than $300 Billion. Allah be praised, the US budget has a deficit of more than $300 Billion. You have all heard what the price of an oil barrel was. When we in Sudan produced oil, some of the opposition said that it was a mistake because it was only ten dollars a barrel. Today, the price of a barrel is almost $50.

Who suffers from this? The mosquito who needs 20 million barrels a day. The US is the largest importer. It drank up all these barrels of oil from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia even when it was okay, but now the US is not. The malaria microbe deludes it to think that its interest is to invade Sudan and carry out recurring invasions, because this is the age of imperialism. The microbe has penetrated the body to the marrow. With no comments. Let's move to another story about an American state called New Jersey. This official [in NJ] forced the governor to resign because this Israeli was planted in his office, just like they planted that woman for the former US president. The governor of this state admitted in a press conference that he was depraved, and gave up his position in order to protect it.

This microbe has reached the American bone marrow. Some journalists and intelligent people know this but they can only write a few words. I must read between the lines in order to learn the truth about America's sufferings from the Jews.

When September the ninth comes [i.e. 9/11] we will again review the material we handed out about the Jewish thumbprint. Let's say in brief, that whether the 9/9 events and the destruction of the two famous buildings in the US were carried out by Israel's enemies, as the US claims, or by Israeli agents, as we claim, the outcome is the same: the Jews are the cause.

These Jews hasten America's death. The US must beware. We offer this advice via the TV channels so they won't wake up when it is too late. They must understand this now and dismantle this alliance with the Jews.

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