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Apr 16, 2004
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Friday Sermon on Palestinian Authority TV by Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris: 'Mr. Bush. These Decisions and Statements Will Only Lead You to the Garbage Can of History.'

#37 | 02:25
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

April 16, 2004 Palestinian Authority TV

In his April 16, 2004 Friday sermon, aired live by Palestinian Authority TV, Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris launched a fierce attack against the Jews and the American President, George Bush. Following is a verbatim translation of excerpts from the sermon:

Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris: We are in the midst of a great battle, Oh Muslims. Our battle with our enemy is great. It is much greater than what some of the politicians and the sharp-tongued imagine. Our battle is not against the Prime Minister of a Zionist government or against the jailer-government; this is a battle between Islam and unbelief on this land. In this battle, the crusaders united with the World Zionism.

We face a much greater battle than you imagine. We face a battle against the crusaders and against World Zionism, which was exposed by the French intellectual, Garoudy, some 20 years ago. This French intellectual, who converted to Islam, was a member of the French Communist movement. He converted to Islam and wrote of World Zionism's covetous aspirations, based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Whoever thinks America controls Israel and its decisions is wrong.

I mean the so-called "Israel." It is World Zionism that manipulates US decision-making by remote control. It (World Zionism) is the one controlling the American presidency. Indeed, the American president appeared on TV yesterday wearing a new suit. He gave up his humanity and his morality. He gave up all values of morality and manliness. In a despicable election campaign in front of the entire world, he declared that the Palestinians must give up the right of return. He wants to please his Zionist masters. He wants to please his masters, thinking they will keep him on the throne of the American kingdom.

You are mistaken, Mr. Bush. These decisions and statements will only lead you to the garbage can of history, just like your predecessors.

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