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Jan 10, 2020
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Mahmoud Habbash, Advisor to PA President Abbas, on the Backdrop of Hamas Participation in Qasem Soleimani's Funeral: Our Enmity for America and Israel Cannot Make Us Forget Our Enmity for the Shiites

#7735 | 03:33
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

Mahmoud Habbash, an advisor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, said in a Friday, January 10, 2020 sermon that aired on Palestine TV that there is something wrong with the judgment and faith of Muslims who “kiss the hands” of Shiites, whom he described as people who slander the Prophet Muhammad, his wives, and his companions in a vile fashion. He said that the Palestinians’ enmity towards America, Israel, and those who stand against the Islamic nation cannot make them forget their enmity towards the Shiites, and he criticized those who embrace the Shiites in order to gain money or prestige. He added that people who curse Muhammad’s companions and violate the honor of his wives are not Muslims.

Following are excerpts:


Mahmoud Habbash: We see that some among us are willing to pledge allegiance to anybody, including to those who do not respect ties of kinship and treaties with us, and even to those who do not respect ties of kinship and treaties with the Prophet Muhammad, his Companions, and his wives, who are the mothers of the believers. We are a people with a tough heritage and a people with a great honor. We hold our heads high. We do not kiss anybody’s hands, let alone the hands of people who slander the Prophet Muhammad, and who are hostile towards your mothers – the mother of believers ‘Aisha, and your mother Hafsa Bint Omar. To kiss the hand of someone who says that ‘Aisha was an adulteress? What’s wrong with you? What happened to your judgment? Have you lost your minds? Have you lost your religion? Have you lost your allegians to Allah, to the Prophet, and to the believers?




And now we see some of our folk kissing the hands – and maybe even the feet – of those who say such things [i.e. the Shiites]. What kind of allegians to Allah and His Prophet is this? What kind of allegiance to Allah and His Prophet is this, when some people sell their allegiance for some dollars and for prestige? To Hell with the money, the prestige, and the entire world, if it is earned by forsaking our religion, our faith, and the legacy of our Prophet.




Our enmity towards America, our enmity towards the occupation, and our enmity towards all those who stand against the Islamic nation cannot make us forget our enmity towards those who infringe upon the honor of the mothers of the believers. I am telling you, the Rafidites, who will not enter Paradise because of what they said… Those who violate ‘Aisha’s honor are not Muslims at all. Those who curse Abu Bakr and Omar are not Muslims.

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