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Jun 25, 2004
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Friday Sermon in Gaza: They Sent Jewish and Other Women To Muslim Countries To Spread Abomination

#138 | 01:33
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In his Friday sermon at a Gaza mosque, which was braodcast live by the Palestinian Authority TV, Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris accused Israel of sending women to commit 'acts of abomination' in Arab countries. Following are excerpts from the sermon:

Sheik Mudeiris: Zionism and the US are responsible for what is happening in Saudi Arabia. Yes, we say this without hesitation. America is responsible for what is currently happening in Saudi Arabia. They want to attack it, just as they are planning to attack every Arab country. They have a schedule and a plan; each country will be attacked in turn.

They fight our women and the morals of our youth by sending their women, because their ends justify their means. They sent a large group of Jewish and other women to Muslim countries in order to spread abomination. Yes, they have spread abomination, using all means. They have even sent many of their women to commit abomination acts in the Muslim countries. They started to succeed by establishing associations and organizations run by Muslims with the support of the infidel West, under slogans of women's rights. Their "women's rights" means that women leave their house naked...

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