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Mar 26, 2004
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Friday Sermon in Gaza by Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris: (The Jews) Revive the Past of Their Forefathers, Whom Allah Transformed Into Apes and Pigs.

#22 | 02:06
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In his Friday sermon at a Gaza mosque, broadcast live by Palestinian Authority TV, Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris focused on the Jews. Following are excerpts from the sermon:

Sheikh Mudeiris: They (i.e. the Jews) killed the prophets. They killed the prophets, they killed Zakariya and Yahya. They killed hundreds of prophets in one day, these blood-letters. Today, they are reviving the past of their forefathers, whom Allah transformed into apes and pigs.

By nature they are hostile to whoever proclaims, There is no God but Allah. It isn't surprising to hear that they assassinated one of the leaders of the Palestinian resistance and it isn?t surprising that they are planning to assassinate President Arafat. They assassinated those who were even better than these leaders; they assassinated the prophets and tried to assassinate the Master of Creation, Muhammad the Prophet, more than once. A hostile Jewish woman put poison in his food, in mutton, and served it to the Prophet with a lethal poison. She wanted to kill him because of the rage and animosity within her. She is a cursed Jewess. Their women are cursed, their men are cursed. They are all cursed on this earth.

Azuk the Jew - a man named Azuk, a Jew - who was a champion archer they sent him to kill the Prophet in the command headquarters Ali followed Azuk and killed him. He killed Azuk the Jew. Abu Dujana followed the rest of the (Jewish) squad, killed them and brought their heads to Muhammad the Prophet. This raised the Muslims morale and lowered the infidel Jews morale. Since then, they entered their houses like mice, and didn?t leave.

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