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Apr 02, 2004
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Friday Sermon at a Gaza Mosque: We Have an Ongoing Blood-Feud with Britain

#25 | 03:01
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In his Friday sermon at a Gaza mosque, carried live by the Palestinian Authority TV, Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris attacked Israel, the Jews, and Britain. Following are excerpts from his sermon:

Sheikh Ibrahim Muderies: Do not say Israeli Arabs, say our people within the Green Line, or say our people within Palestine, for they are our people and our loved ones. Do not say Israel, for there is no such thing as Israel on our land. Israel is one of God?s pure prophets. We are not allowed to call this state on our land Israel, because our land is pure of this defilement; on our land there is no such thing called Israel.

If you wish to describe Israel in geographical terms, you should not say Israel, say occupied Palestine, so Palestine will remain engraved in our memory, and so Palestine will remain as Palestine to the world, and will not be replaced, ever, by the so-called Israel. And when you speak of the state of the entity? and of the monster-state, don?t say Israel, rather, say the state of the cruel Zionist entity. Palestine loves all who irrigated her with their blood. Palestine loves all who loves her. And we are those who love Palestine.

As for the Jews, they have never loved a piece of land. The Jews are never ready to sacrifice their lives and property for land the proof for this is in the Koran. The world wonders at the audacity and lack of respect the Jews demonstrate towards the world surrounding them and towards the legitimate international and regional resolutions. It should not come as a surprise. Audacity and lack of respect are traits that are imprinted in the Jewish nature. They arrived after they were expelled from all other countries.

They came to this land, claiming they have a National Home on the Land of Palestine, and with the support of Britain, with whom we have an ongoing blood-feud which can only be forgotten by a coward or a traitor. It was Britain who bequeathed this land to the Jews. Britain gave to the undeserving what Britain didn?t own. Was Britain the owner of this land so it could give it to the undeserving?! Every drop of blood shed on this land is on Britain's head and the blood-feud between them and us will remain. We shall never forget Haifa and Jaffa, Lod and Ramleh. We shall never forget our destroyed villages. We shall not forget Breir and Barbara, Dimrah, Hirbia, Ashkelon and Ashdod. We shall never forget all the villages that I cannot count or remember now. Any of our villages and towns deserves to be engraved in our minds, in our imagination and we will return to them as conquerors.

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