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Apr 02, 2004
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In a Friday Sermon at a Falluja Mosque, Sheikh Makki Kubeissi Accusesthe Jews of Carrying Out Terror Attacks in Iraq

#24 | 02:52
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

In a Friday sermon at a mosque in Falluja, Iraq, carried live by Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) following the murder of four Americans in Falluja, Sheikh Makki Hussein Kubeissi blamed the Jews for the terror attacks in Iraq and criticized the neighboring countries for keeping Iraqi borders open. Following are excerpts from his sermon:

Sheikh Makki Hussein Kubeissi: (Regarding) foreigners ? Jews and others ? entering Iraq? The borders are open. Was it not possible for the mighty, armed American forces to defend the borders against these people?! An open country? anyone comes, eats and goes? The Jew is covetous. The enemy of the Arabs is covetous. The enemy of Muslims is covetous. So what do we expect?! What do we expect?!

Of course buildings in Karbala and Al-Qadhimiyya are attacked, Sheikhs are murdered, embassies are destroyed, and many are killed. Because these people have no principles other than bloodshed. All a Jew wants to do is to harm you, he is full of hatred, and wants to turn Iraq backwards. What can happen? The borders are open. Let the whole world know what is happening in Iraq is not happening because of the Iraqis, but because of this kind of behavior? He is a Jew, but he enters pretending to be a man who wants to save Iraq. Who does such a thing? We read in history, and I mention this in sermons, that in Morocco, as Sheikh Alal Alfassi tells, (there was) a Jew in the city of Fez who converted to Islam and the people of Fez made him Imam in their Mosque, but then they found out that at nights, he urinates in the ablution vessels to defile them. These are the devious methods of the enemy. Our borders being open means that all kinds of people enter.

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