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Jul 16, 2004
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Friday Sermon in Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia: The Liberated Western Woman Works More With Her Breasts Than With Her Hands

#185 | 01:16
Source: Cannel 2 (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon at The Mosque of the Prophet in Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia. The sermon was broadcast by Saudi Arabia TV's Channel 2, and the preacher is Sheik Sallah Al-Bdeir:

Sheik Bdeir: Oh Muslims, all these sinful calls, these deceiving slogans (for women's liberation) were heard since the days of yore, by several peoples and countries. Their supporters have succeeded in bringing the woman down from her impregnable palace, from her elevated fortress. She removed her hijab and left her fortress and home and freed herself of all authority.

She went everywhere and worked in all areas ? and what was the result? The woman was trapped in the lowest levels of debauchery and promiscuity. She is up to her neck in licentiousness and shamelessness. We have the right to ask what has become of this so-called liberated woman, this so-called modern woman, and this so-called contemporary woman?

She was totally exploited. She was totally humiliated. She was enslaved. She became an instrument of entertainment and amusement in the hands of the corrupt hedonists and the evil sinners. She works with her breasts more than with her hands, dancing in brothels, modeling in the fashion houses, and singing in the brothels and theaters.

Where are the lies about her liberation and the honor accorded to her?

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