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Jan 30, 2016
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French-Speaking ISIS Fighter Warns West to Expect Attacks that Will "Make You Forget 9/11 and Paris Attacks"

#5296 | 04:18
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts:

ISIS prisoners sitting in a circle with their faces covered, an ISIS member cocks a gun

The apostate Mustafa Khaz'al Abd Al-Rahman

The apostate Raghid Khaled Jamal

The apostate Mu'tazz Uday Ghanem

The apostate Layth Qais Saber

The apostate 'Adnan Khalaf Suleiman

"The Elimination of Apostates"

French speaking masked ISIS member: The Caliphate is a solidly built structure, which cannot be penetrated by your moles or your spies. Even your armies, despite their size and their equipment, will be unable to destroy it, because it is protected and honored by Allah, Creator of the World. Oh stupid infidels, the only notable thing that you will achieve is to decrease the number of heads of the soldiers and dogs that you are sending here. Their heads will be chopped off by our knives, and they will be pierced by our bullets.


The situation is changing. You used to be oppressors, but now, it is you who are oppressed. You used to live in safety, but now you are terrified. Expect from us [attacks] that will make you forget 9/11 and the Paris attacks. By Allah, our trust in our Lord is immense. The families of these people will week over them, because in the Caliphate, there are parents who mourn their loved ones, who died because of these people. By Allah, you will pay a heavy price, which will give you a glimpse of the bitter end, and which will bring about the return of Al-Andalus.

Oh beloved Andalus, which was stolen from us, do you think that we have forgotten you? By Allah, no. How can a Muslim ever forget Cordoba, Toleda, and Xàtiva? What true Muslim has not pledged to regain you? Be patient. You are not Spanish, nor Portuguese. You are the Muslim Andalus. As for you infidels, do you think that you have done away with Islam, with your raids against us?

You slammed into the shield of the Caliphate, and you failed, because Falsehood is bound to vanish when it attacks Truth. You have no choice and no refuge but to convert to Islam, or to pay the jizya poll tax in humiliation. Otherwise, there will be war, which will spare none of you.

Know that we have not forgotten your crimes. We remember full well your affront to our religion and our Prophet, and we have not forgotten your massacres of Muslims. As longs as you do not realize the mistake that you committed by targeting the Muslim community, the blood of your spies will flow, Allah wiling. Consider yourselves warned.


Scenes of Syrian casualties

ISIS members shoot the prisoners who are kneeling on the ground

By Allah, we will take revenge, even if it takes a while