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Jan 14, 2013
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French Islamic Scholar Facing Deportation Hassan Iquioussen: Jihad Is The Pinnacle Of Islam; Those Who Do Not Fully Commit To Islam Will Be Discarded By Allah (Archival)

#9787 | 04:31
Source: The Internet - "foundiba on Daily Motion"

French Islamic scholar Hassan Iquioussen said in a lesson that was posted on January 14, 2013 to an account named "foundiba" on Daily Motion that "armed Jihad against the external enemy" is the pinnacle of Islam, and he called on his audience to fully "commit" to Islam. He told his audience that they must not place this world above Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, and Jihad, and he said that Muslims who do not "commit" are "discarded" by Allah. In addition, he warned: "Don't think that Islam will stop because you do not want to commit." The Morocco-born imam is facing expulsion from France.

Hassan Iquioussen: "If you don't want to commit [to Islam], what will happen to you? [The Quran says): 'God will punish you with a painful punishment.' You are going to struggle and suffer in this world because you were mistaken in believing that happiness was to be found in the material world.


"So be careful. If you don't want to commit [to Islam], you will suffer in this world and in the hereafter, right? There is Hell in the hereafter, but even if you don't go to Hell, you will feel regret, because you will not go to the best [level] of Paradise. The Muslim who has disobeyed by committing great sins will not have the same reward as one who has obeyed God and committed himself.

"You know that there are eight levels in Paradise, right? For the righteous, the prophets, the martyrs... Some places in Paradise are reserved. Reserved for whom? For the category of Muslims who have lived above the fray in this world. And yes, may the best ones win!


"In addition, God is going to put you aside [if you don't commit]. And He will make other people understand this message, and they will respond to [His] invitation and commit themselves.


"You, as a Muslim, do not feel like getting involved? Then you will be discarded. Others will convert, and they will carry out this religion's banner and become the defenders of Islam. Don't think that Islam will stop because you do not want to commit [to it].


"The young and the elderly. The men and the women. The rich and the poor, whether you're working or unemployed. Whatever your social status, whatever conditions you are living in, you have to give part of your time and make efforts and sacrifices for this religion.


"If you prefer to please human beings and displease God, then you are missing the mark. You are wrong.


"God, the Prophet [Muhammad], and jihad for the sake of Allah... If you prefer the material world, with its beauty and diversity, over God, the Prophet, jihad for the sake of Allah, and sacrifice... If you prefer this to that, then wait until God's commandment comes.


"What is the pinnacle of Islam? It is jihad for the sake of religion. Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim explained what jihad means in Islam. He said there are 13 degrees, 13 levels. The first three degrees of jihad are jihad against oneself...


"And he placed armed jihad against the external enemy at the 13th [and highest] level."

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