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Jan 23, 2023
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French Author Laurent Guyénot On Iran TV: 9/11 Was Carried Out By Israel, Its Lobby, Jewish Mossad Operatives In New York – Anyone Who Says So Is Labeled An Antisemite

#10084 | 02:52
Source: Channel 4 (Iran)

French author Laurent Guyénot said in an interview aired on Channel 4 (Iran) on January 23 and 24, 2023 that Israel, its lobby, and a network of Jewish Mossad operatives are responsible for the 9/11 attack. He said that the motive behind the attack was to reverse the bad public image of Israel in the eyes of Americans and Europeans and to cause them to have a negative opinion of Arabs so that they will follow an "imperialistic" Zionist plan to start a world war. Guyénot also said that the Israel "lobby" is a source of corruption. The interview is part of a series running on Channel 4 (Iran) four times per week in which Iranian writer and translator Arash Darya-Bandari interviews Western Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and conspiracy theorists.

Laurent Guyénot: "To accuse Israel [of orchestrating 9/11] is much more dangerous for your own personal life, professional life, and everything, than accusing the United States. You know, you are automatically labeled as antisemitic and you are in big trouble.


"After 9/11, there was a reversal of the image of Israel and a reversal of the image of the Palestinians and the Arab world.


"Basically, even within the United States there were very strong voices, calling for a strong condemnation of the colonization policy of Israel. So Israel was in some kind of trouble in Europe too, surveys showed that most people believed that Israel was the biggest problem in the world. But after 9/11, this was completely reversed almost in a day, because suddenly America felt attacked by the Arab world. And you know Americans don't have a very clear idea of geography. [To them], the Arab world is just one big entity, so they don't make much distinction between Palestinians, Afghans, and whatever.


"Zionism is an imperialistic plan, so the motive [of 9/11] if I summarize, is to launch World War IV.


"Everybody pretty much knows the power of what we euphemistically call the 'Israel lobby,' because it is much more than a lobby, it is a power of corruption, a power of intimidation, etc."


Arash Darya-Bandari: "You talked about the means in terms of Jewish political power. Do you want to talk also about the nuts and bolts of the operation?"

Guyénot: "In order to talk about how technically, practically they did it, how did they prove [sic] 9/11, let's focus on New York.


"In New York, you have what I call a network of 'super sayanim.'


"Sayan, is a network, according to [Victor] Ostrovsky, of thousands of Jewish people who had been contacted by the Mossad, who may not be doing anything until the Mossad asks them: 'Can you do this for me?' 'Can you do that?' They may not ask the whole story, they just know that they are ready to do something illegal for Israel."


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