June 25, 2018
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French-Algerian Philosopher Razika Adnani: The Muslims Must Revamp the Concepts of Their Religion to Be Able to Face the Future

French-Algerian philosopher and researcher of Islamic thought Razika Adnani said that various Islamic rulings based on the Quran – such as the punishments for stealing and for slavery – had been abolished over history in order to adapt to the circumstances of the times. She suggested that there is a need for the Muslims to "revamp the concepts of their religion, in order to be able to face the future" and that this did not pertain only to Muslims living in the West, as many believed. Adnani was speaking on France 24 TV on June 25.

Razika Adnani: "Rulings of Quranic verses have already been abolished in the course of Islamic history. The Muslims have abolished the Islamic punishment for stealing, for example. None of the Islamic countries implement this punishment except Saudi Arabia. They have also abolished the rulings pertaining to slavery, saying that these rulings were formed at a certain time, but that today, circumstances have changed and these rulings must be abolished.


"The problems facing Islam and the Muslims today is that around the 12th century, the Muslims chose revelation over free, rational, and creative thought.


"There is a need for the Muslims to revamp the concepts of their religion, in order to be able to face the future. But..."

Interviewer: "Who will do this?"

Razika Adnani: "Many believe that this concerns only those Muslims who live in the West. But in my view, that is not the case."