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Jun 03, 2018
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French-Algerian Activist Yahia Gouasmi, Founder of Zahra Center in France: In Five Years, the Smell of the Zionists Will No Longer Be on This Earth

#6801 | 03:02
Source: The Internet - "gouasmi on YouTube"

French-Algerian activist Yahia Gouasmi said that there is "no repentance" for Zionism or for Wahhabism and that Zionism would be "uprooted from the land of Palestine." "We believe that it will not take more than five years, and your smell will no longer be on this Earth," said Gouasmi, who is the founder of the Shiite Zahra Center and head of the Anti-Zionist Party of France. He made the remarks in an address posted on his YouTube channel on June 3, 2018.


Yahia Gouasmi: Zionists, tomorrow – because the truth will come out loud and clear – for you there is no repentance. If you have an atomic bomb, go ahead and drop it. There is no repentance. What I mean by that is that your repentance is null and unacceptable. Let me tell you something even better. Sure, you may say that it was God who brought you to Palestine. It's true. You could say that God chose you to go to Palestine. That's true. But God gathered you… in a specific place. I can assure you that Zionism will be uprooted from the land of Palestine. Prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad and his household… Of course, this pertains only to Zionism – and not to the Jews who follow the Torah and who await the Messiah. These Jews may hope for repentance and mercy, and for a return to the degree that God wants to give them for our humanity. Having said that – having said that clearly -  the boat you can see there, which you saw in the introduction… It is here in order to tell you that boats will come in the thousands, and that men will come from all over this Earth, to liberate no only Jerusalem but all the holy lands of Islam from Wahhabism. For Wahhabism, there is no repentance. For Zionism, there is no repentance. These are the times that await you, and we think, and we believe, that they will come very very soon. We believe that it will not take more than five years, and your smell will no longer be on this Earth. And then there will be peace, love, and brotherhood between men.

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