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Oct 29, 2017
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Francophone Fighter in Syria, Speaking Live on Facebook, Calls for Muslims to Join the Jihad

#6261 | 03:26
Source: The Internet

On October 29, 2017, at approximately 12:00 local time, a French-speaking jihad fighter in Syria delivered a live address to his followers on his Facebook account. The 3-minute video shows the fighter manning what appears to be a checkpoint along with another French-speaking fighter.  Explaining that although he is not a scholar, he wishes to tell Muslims that jihad is a personal obligation incumbent upon every able-bodied individual, he calls upon all Muslims to join the jihad in one of the fronts. Although he emphasizes Syria, where he is himself fighting, he also mentions Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Burma, Central Africa and China as possible destinations. At the end of the video, his comrade informs him that a car is approaching, and he waves it by after seeing that its passengers are people he calls "brothers."